Solar Inverter (micro-inverter) SMA Sunny Boy 240 W – US



Solar Inverter (micro-inverter) SMA Sunny Boy 240 W – US
Dream big. Start small.


SMA’s Sunny Boy micro inverter system enhances design flexibility for installers in the U.S. and across the globe. It features
simple installation, an innovative communications platform and is especially applicable for residential systems and rooftops
with complex, shaded situations. Superior reliability is achieved with the groundbreaking introduction of the Sunny Multigate-
US, which allows for fewer components exposed to heat stress under the module and greatly improves communication
reliability versus other micro inverter systems. An improved cabling concept further elevates the Sunny Boy 240-US from the
competition by eliminating the need for a trunk cable.

Optimized reliability
• Multigate technology allows for reduced component count
• Private band powerline for highly reliable communications
• Overvoltage protection enhances durability

Simple installation
• Ideal for complex roofs
• Pre-assembled AC plugs and connection cables
• Multiple DC connector options and daisy chain configuration